Laser cutting

Thanks to first-class machinery we offer high precision in laser cutting of sheet, in stainless steel or other metals.

Our facility has been installed in 2017 and is used every day for cutting sheet metal, starting point of our customers‘ project.

The operation of laser cutting can be done with oxygene or nitrogen, depending on the thickness and the type of the material.

The first step is the nesting, done by our technicians, the process of laying out cutting patterns to minimize the raw material waste.

Once loaded the drawing into the machine, the system takes autonomously the needed landmarks of positioning and begins the cutting operation.

Our machinery:

TRUMPF TruLASER 3030. High power and cutting quality, one of a kind machinery. The TruFlow laser, hardy and reliable, guarantees mirror-smooth edges, that usually don’t require further finishing operations.

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    Modern machines for the metal folding guarantee the precision required for your project.


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