Our History

A decennial experience in sheet metal manufacturing and light metal carpentry.

The company Makevo s.r.l. was founded in 2003, when the owner, driven by a strong entreprenurial
spirit and a desire to innovate, decided to turn his passion and decades of expertise in the field of
sheet metal manufacturing and light structural metal work into a successful business.

Out of here came the decision to start the company, whose name “Makevo” stands for “Make
Evolution”: a constantly evolving and solid reality with a unique ownership structure, with an inner
surface of 1500 square meters and a working height of 8 meters, where know-how, technology and
quality are essential values for the manufacturing and success of its products.

The modern high-performance equipement, capable of offering high quality products that fully
satisfy even the most demanding customers, is also a source of pride.

Our production departments stand out for cleaning and order, a well organized lab means professionalism and perfect management.

The reason for our success not only are purely technological, but also come from the firmness of our great team, that works every day with professionalism and dedication.
A young, dynamic and highly specialized team, able to face ambicious technical challenges.

We facilitate the exchange of information between diretc and indirect workers, to improve innovation development and refinement of the production process.

Our cutting-edge company can check every process in-house, from the initial idea to the industrialization of the project, developing a product that fully satisfies the customers needs.

Makevo is constantly evolving, therefore we have decided in recent years to expand internationally, taking part in fairs and international events.


Makevo Srl

Viale Giovanni Falcone, 13
31037 Loria (Tv) – Italia

Phone: +39 0423570943